Saturday, January 9, 2016


The last time I updated my blog was January last year. Hahaha now you know how lazy i am. Yepp this is me guys.  Um well, I had a really tough time during the first 6 months in 2015. As I could remember, lots of suffocating things happened that sometimes make me barely breathed, and sometimes make me feel like giving up. I got depressed most of the time because of some reasons which I could not stated cuz they're kinda personal. But... as usual, I'd just do what I can do best, faking a smile and be happy in front of other people. 

Regardless of those moments, I am so grateful that I have such wonderful people around me. My family and friends especially. They are like my happy pills; enlightened my days. They taught me how to appreciate things in life. They taught me how to live and enjoy my life. Thank you so much. Seriously, they mean world to me. And thanks to Allah for sending them to be parts of my life. And thanks to food too (since food makes me happy lol). Okay enough.

So hey guys, it's 2016! I think it's not to late to say Happy New Year guys! Sorry cuz I just finished my degree sem 2 final exams. Zzzzzz. May 2016 be one of the most wonderful year for all of you and also for me and we shall pray the best for each other! Let's create new resolutions and leave the past to where it belongs. Okie? Love yah xoxo.

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