Sunday, January 31, 2016

Istanbul to Madinah to Mekkah

It was so called a last minute plan. My mom said she wanted to perform Umrah and go to Istanbul for holidays 10 days before we flew. Yes, I had finals in the mean time. So I hurriedly contacted my college mate since he's working with tour&travel agency (thank god) and we settled, prepared, all things for our trip to 2 different countries, 3 different places in a very short time. You can't imagine how hectic I was........ Running all errands...... I deserve a round of applause okie hehehe. 

So! We went to Istanbul for the first 4 days. Istanbul was having a very chill weather since it was winter! Yeah it was snowing, but on our last day there ahhh too bad I wasn't be able to stay long. Issokay, we shall meet again soon okie? However, we really enjoyed everything there. People, places, food etc. But one of the best thing was Turkish Delight! Sedan gilerrr I swearer!! Hah okay here are some pics of our trip! ((nampak tak aku betapa malasnya aku nak type pepanjang and straight upload gambar je))

So after few days in Istanbul, we flew to our next destination which is to Madinah! Omgeee I lalalalalaoveeeeee Madinah! I loveeeeeee Masjid Nabawi and everything there! I was able to visit our prophet's (Nabi Muhammad s.a.w) mosque and makam, it was such an honour. Alhamdulillah. I was there for 4 days and went to the Holy City of Makkah after that to complete our Umrah for another 6 days oh hand visited few places like Padang Arafah, Mina, Mount Uhud etc hehe. I couldn't translate well my feelings my experiences into proper words I am sorry, therefore, I herewith enclose few pics of my trips to Makkah and Madinah!

I am so grateful that I be able to be "tetamu Allah" Alhamdulillah and I feel so blessed that I was born into my loving family and also am thankful for everything that Allah had given and will be given to me, either good/bad things because I believe everything that has been set by Allah has its own reasons. Lain kali kita datang lagi dengan family yang lain or maybe husband okie hehehe. InsyaAllah, until then!

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